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Yacht charter skippered

Yacht charter skippered, relax while the younger generation take over. Well not completely, however we encourage and channel their enthusiasm so they have an active holiday. Finding a holiday that keeps the kids engaged can be a challenge. A week on a yacht that visits a new island daily will feed their curiosity and desire to explore.

The yacht when anchored in a bay becomes a fantastic play centre for young and old alike. The yacht becomes a floating platform. The rear sugar scoop gives easy access to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The fitted ladder gives easy access out. The more courageous will jump and dive from the side decking. Relaxing on deck after all this fun is a must for most.

Another option available to all, is snorkelling. We have a selection of types and sizes. The Mediterranean is not known for its abundant fish stock or variety. It does however have enough to entertain when snorkelling. If this is a new experience then it takes no time at all to master the skill. Most of all the experience seems like your flying over the see bed as you look down through the crystal clear water.

The warm evenings will ensure the days active life style will continue after the sun has set. However, we all have our limits and a good nights sleep is almost guaranteed and essential to keep the energy levels strong.

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey is a great way to start the day. The choice however is endless and consequently the yacht will stock a varied selection of goodies to satisfy most palates. It is so easy to enjoy a healthy balanced Mediterranean diet. The choice of food on offer at all shops and tavernas is fabulous.