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H1:Plastic waste collected

Plastic waste collected

2:Productive day

Productive whilst on holiday is not so hard. We set off that morning with a light wind. The forecast for later that day was for much of the same. A light wind but just enough to justify raising the sails. There were stronger gusts every few minutes and we hit the dizzy heights of 4 knots of speed. After a hour or so the wind backed and we then had the wind on our nose. We had to come off our desired course. This brought us close to the island of Meganissy and an inviting sweeping sheltered bay.

3:Decision made

A short discussion resolved that a perfect spot had placed it self in front of us and in we went. Engine on and sails down we proceeded to the corner of the bay and dropped anchor.  We were a little early for lunch and all took to water and some swam to the beach to explore. They soon returned and expressed their disappointment at the state of the beach.  Littered with plastic debris.

4.Joint effort

We resolved to tackle the problem. There were plenty of plastic bags littering the beach. Pick up a bag and fill.  In one hour the beach was cleared. It took six of us to complete the task.  A very satisfying job well done by. Eventually we arrived at our end of day destination, our glass of cold beer was well earned. I think we all appreciated that together a small amount of effort had achieved a significant marker that day.

As i am out in Greece each year I will continue to clear beeches of plastic garbage and encourage others to do the same.