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Yacht Charter in Calm Waters

Not a breath of wind. Yacht Charter in calm waters.  We still had our main sail up and we were ready. The crew though had other ideas. The weather pattern in the summer months can be reliable. The days forecast was for a F3 later that afternoon.  Having had a peaceful morning we all had high hopes for the next few hours.  Well we had a wait but it eventually came and we managed a few hours easy sailing. Enough to justify a sun-downer later.

Taking it easy

They were on holiday. There was no train to catch or rush hour traffic to beat. From the moment the sun rises the air warms and one must make the most of it. We all enjoyed an excellent breakfast and it was now time to take it easy. The only decision to be made that morning was where were we going. Yacht Charter in calm waters.

Our next destination

One is never out of site of the land. Ahead you can see two or more islands and part of the mainland. Each island has it’s own individuality and charm. We lake time to consider the options. As the day offered little wind the island of Kastos was chosen as our next destination. We would have to motor most of the way and it was nearest. We would be there in a couple of hours and able to find a bay and anchor. Once at anchor, the options were to swim or sunbath from the yacht or go ashore and explore.

That Evening

Having had a busy day swimming, sunbathing and exploring they were ready for treat ashore. Kastos has a wonderful Taverna on the hillside over looking the sea to the land beyond. Enjoy a glass of wine while they prepare the evening meal. Watch the comings and goings of the yachts below. Yacht Charter in calm waters.