Evening Entertainment

After a day at sea and before our evening in town we have settled in the saloon for some entertainment provided here by my good friend Alan. I think this was a quiz with a difference and provided much amusement for all participating as you can see. We then had a few...

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Perfect Day

The day began with a hearty breakfast and a quick visit to the local mini market. The weather for the day suggested some good sailing winds that afternoon and so we set off to the neighbouring island and called into this delightful bay for some swimming and a bit...

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We spent some time here at Trizona and breakfast on the Quayside was a delight. The local strawberries were in season and a combination of mixed fruit, yoghurt. nuts and local honey together with a delicious cup of real coffee was a great way to start the day. A meal...

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Agina at Night

Many of the island harbours we visit offer magical night vistas with their sparkling light show across the clear water. On occasions colours of all the spectrum will be seen and it is a very impressive view sat on the back of Inachos with a glass of their local wine...

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Ancient Greece

Anne and I took a break together and sailed south to the Peloponnese and discovered this Ancient site of an early settlement perched high up with views over the Ionian Sea. To reach it one had to climb a long and winding pathway which took some doing but was worth the...

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A Day Exploring

Whatever Island we visit there is always lots to see and explore. That is why on occasions it’s decided by our guests to spend an extra day getting to know the place and all it’s little shops and tucked away Tavernas. The whole area has so much history to...

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Hard Day at the Office

The advantage of being on your yacht when visiting the Greek Islands is the fact that you decide where you are going and once there you decide how long you stay. This hillside Taverna was a beautiful location to just rest and enjoy a relaxed lunch with a cold beer....

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Changes afoot

Work on one of the bunk cabins is under way. Inachos has two bunk cabins and whilst they currently offer two berths in each cabin they are both more suited to just one person occupancy. We are therefore removing the top bunk in the starboardĀ  cabin and this we hope...

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All Brass

After a few months in the sea and working hard driving us at up to 7 knots the propeller need some TLC. The barnacles have not been able to get a hold on the brass propeller but have lodged themselves just above. When they dry out they are like concrete attached and...

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Copper Bottom

When we lifted Inachos out of the water this year the Copper anti foul had done it’s job and there was little growth atached to the hull of the yacht. This is me painting the copper anti foul a few years back and I have not had to replace it and expect it to...

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Calm Waters

Not a breath of wind but we still had our main sail up and we were ready. The days forecast was for a F3 later that afternoon and having had a peaceful morning we all had high hopes for the next few hours. Well we had a wait but it eventually came and we managed a few...

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Sail Repair

This is Inachos a few years back and the old sails were on their last legs. A gust caught us and tore a small ripe in the foresail and Anne stepped in and spent a hour or two onrepairs. Job done and the repair held. We now have a set of new sails and they do make a...

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