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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece at its best. Anne and I took a break together and sailed south to the Peloponnese and discovered this Ancient site of an early settlement perched high up with views over the Aegean Sea. To reach it one had to climb a long and winding pathway which took some doing but was worth the effort. This was just one of many such memorable days spent exploring the Peloponnese.

The Old Town

The old town or village of Monemvasia is of Byzantine origin although much of it was rebuilt by the Venetians. Today’s gift shops and restaurants do not detract from its character. There are a number of interesting churches in the village. Once an island Monemvasia was known as Minoa in ancient times. For many centuries an important trading port. We spent a good few hours exploring this delightful village.

The most interesting church to be seen is the Ayia Sofia. However to reach it one has to find and then climb up the ziz-zag path to the top of the island. The journey up to the top will take in fabulous views across the top of the old village and the sea and the harbour beyond. Once there the views are even more spectacular. The church of Ayia Sofia is perched on the edge of a sheer cliff and overlooks the north side of the island and land beyond. There are some superb frescoes in the church.

The Old Port

Busy for many centuries this port was particularly famous for its imported wines. The French called here often and referred to it as Malmsey or Malvoise. It became the name of a famous red and white wine that became a favourite with sailors as it travelled so well.  We were able to sample this very instinctive wine.Much enjoyed by us both. A bottle or two went back to the yacht with us.