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Driving force

All Brass.  After a few months in the sea and working hard driving us at up to 7 knots the brass propeller need some TLC. The barnacles have not been able to get a hold on the brass propeller but have lodged themselves just above. When they dry out they are like concrete attached and take some effort to remove.  With the right tools all is shipshape again and ready for next year.

Lesson learnt

A couple of years ago I urgently needed to return to the Uk. The yacht was moored up safely at Vonitsa harbour. A friend agreed to keep an eye on her for me and I was able to leave. I was away for longer than expected. Three weeks later I returned and was pleased to see all seemed well with Inachos. I was soon to set of for Preveza and prepared for the off. With help I cast off and raised the anchor. Within a few moments though I realised all was not well. With the drive throttle on almost full I was making but a few knots of speed. At first I assumed that see weed or some plastic pollution had rapped itself around the propeller.

As I got out further from the harbour I was able to try different manoeuvres, hoping to dislodge what I thought might be there. No luck. I decided there was no option to to head for my Marina and have Inachos out of the water for an inspection. It took a few painfully slow hours to reach Ionian Marina. Fortunately I was able to have her lifted out almost immediately. It was then the problem was revealed. Having been stationary in the port of Vonitsa she had become a target for the local barnacle population. There were so many that formed a ball shape that messed up the propellers drive capabilities.